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Taryn, Zach, Parker and Matt Woltjer

Welcome to River Run Matt and Taryn!

We are excited to announce that our search team has recommended Matt Woltjer be called to be River Run's next Worship & Media Minister, and the Elders have approved. Matt will be joining the River Run Team full time the beginning of June. Please be in prayer for Matt and his family as they make this transition.

Sunday | Live Stream

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Greetings from our Sr. Minister, Dan Gish

After John’s record of Jesus’ cleansing of the temple, we read, “His disciples remembered that it was written, ‘Zeal for your house will devour me.’” If Jesus displayed such zeal in ensuring the holiness of the temple, how much more zeal do you think He has for the holiness of our hearts, where His Holy Spirit now dwells?

Join us beginning April 11 for our new series, Cleaning House. We will be using Robert Boyd Munger’s book, My Heart – Christ’s Home, as the launching point for each message in this series. Plan to join us as we explore our need to ensure that each room of our heart is cleaned for our Holy House Guest.